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Bus Duct System Field Service
 Sunday, January 26, 2020




Bus Duct Field Service

Technibus can supply a full range of value added field services to assure that your project is designed, manufactured, delivered and can be installed to your exact specification, all the while exceeding your expectations.  Our field engineers are both classroom and field trained to help manage your project with an efficient, economical and common sense approach.

 Field Dimensioning

Our hands-on technicians are available to route and dimension both new and upgraded equipment throughout your facility.  We can suggest locations of routing new or replacement bus duct runs with skillful consideration of surrounding equipment, banks, vessels or existing conditions.

Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis

Technibus’ field engineers can perform site “walk-downs” to assist in the detection of several potentially harmful bus duct characteristics.  These conditions may exist in segregated phase, non-segregated phase or direct current bus systems.  Many of these characteristics, when left unchecked, could result in un-scheduled outages, lost revenue, catastrophic property loss or casualty.  Typically these equipment risk characteristics may include…..   

  •  Any design flaw including the through bolting of conductor support systems that disallow thermo relief.
  • Compromised or inadequate phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground clearances.
  • The identification, abatement and elimination of animal infestation or entry.
  • The detection and replacement of failed or exhausted condensation control devises.
  • The identification of elevated operating temperatures and airborne contaminates caused by neighboring equipment.
  • The detection of accelerated or chronic leakage, tracking or dielectric breakdown.

After identifying any potential system risk, Technibus would then execute a timely, most economical, and mutually agreed upon plan of action or contingency.  Our vast bus duct experience and our current global market position allow us to offer an unbiased analysis of all major bus duct manufacturers’ equipment regardless of brand or origin.

Field Installation Supervision

Technibus technicians are also available to supervise the installation of all of our bus duct systems. These services would include our assistance in the initial “walk down”; the setting of structural steel, equipment staging and conducting an accurate inventory of ship loose materials.  Having a factory representative on site assures that your system is assembled exactly as Technibus intended and that any unforeseen issues would be addressed with accuracy, authority and expedience.

For further information or additional services, please contact our sales offices.

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