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Insulation and Bus Fabrication
 Sunday, January 26, 2020

Insulated Bus

Bus Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication


Insulation and Bus Fabrication Services

For years, TECHNIBUS(tm) has been insulating bus bar with epoxy using state of the art technology. The physical and dielectric characteristics of this product provides many advantages over traditional insulating products, and have become the industry preference.

Customers use our insulation in new equipment as well as equipment upgrades and maintenance projects. Our insulation is ideal to re-insulate switchgear, motor control centers, bus ducts, etc. Our insulation can also be applied to new bars fabricated by TECHNIBUS(tm) to meet your specification. Full fabrication services of copper or aluminum bus bar including silver or tin plating are available.

When compared to the common alternatives - thermoplastic (slip on sleeve) and cross-links polymeric (heat shrink) our epoxy offers the following advantages:

  • Highest quality, UL Listed homogeneous epoxy powder material
  • Excellent track resistance and dielectric strength
  • Superior moisture and chemical resistance
  • Flame retardant
  • Durable mechanical characteristics reduce damage during handling and installation.
  • Unlike rigid sleeve type insulation, epoxy can be applied to bars in a wide range of sizes and configurations, which reduces the need for boots or tape at bends (unlike rigid sleeve type insulation)
  • Insulation bonds to the conductor, preventing corona

Product data is available upon request.

Certified insulation testing in compliance with IEEE standards available through 38kV.

Consult factory for process capabilities.

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