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Power Conductors
 Sunday, January 26, 2020


Power Connectors and Joints

The Power Conductors & Grounding

Our power conductor material is either Copper ASTM Designation B187 or Aluminum ASTM Designation B236. TECHNIBUS(tm) conductors are designed to have sufficient cross section so as not to exceed acceptable temperature limits when operated at rated continuous current or during short circuit conditions.

Maintenance free bus joints utilize splice plates of special configuration having a cross-sectional area equal to, or greater than, that of the main bus to improve current equalization.

All joints are assembled with high-strength hardware including heavy-duty, load-bearing flat washers which provide over 4000 pounds of clamping force per bolt. Bolt patterns are proportional to current rating.

TECHNIBUS(tm) joints are silver-plated copper or tin-plated aluminum to maintain low contact resistance for long, trouble-free operation.

Adjustable bus joints are provided to compensate for normal installation tolerances and also allow for removal of individual bus sections without disassembly of adjacent sections.

Belleville spring washers are standard for aluminum bus joints. All bus joints are adjustable to compensate for normal installation tolerances.

Shipping splits are insulated with removable boots. No special skills are required to install boots which eliminates the quality concerns associated with field wrapped bus joints. Our boots reduce installation labor and can be removed for inspection purposes and re-installed.


Enclosure ground systems are in compliance with IEEE C37.23 and are standard. The minimum cross sectional area of aluminum enclosures provides a continuous ground path which exceeds the capacity of a 1/2" x 6" copper ground bar.

Internal pads are provided at equipment connections for attachment to station grounding.

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