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Insulation System
 Sunday, January 26, 2020


Insulation System


High/Low Voltage Bus Insulation

Epoxy Insulation is optional for low voltage systems and standard for 5-38 kV systems providing the highest quality insulation system available. High dielectric strength, excellent chemical resistance, durable mechanical characteristics, 105┬░C thermal rating and high thermal emissivity are distinct advantages this insulation offers. The epoxy is bonded to the bus eliminating air gaps which could initiate corona problems.

Our insulation meets the foil test requirements of IEEE C37.23.

Patented Electrical Bus Support

The Bus Support System Technibus(tm) has been issued a patent for our unique support assembly design for bus bar conductors. Several features of the support assembly contribute to its uniqueness. With our patented adjustable assembly, bus supports can be easily added or repositioned without drilling or modifying the enclosure. With this patented design, we are able to offer greater adaptability for the bus duct systems which we provide.

600 volt system applications are furnished with laminated polyester bus supports. 5 & 15kV systems are furnished with a high alumina polyester insulator system molded from UL listed materials. Porcelain inserts are also available as an option. Systems rated above 600V feature anti-corona devices tested to assure corona-free performance beyond the rated operating voltage. Porcelain is standard for 38kV systems.

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