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 Sunday, January 26, 2020



Weather Proofing

Patented Bus Enclosure Design

Our custom bus enclosures with extruded channels offers strength in excess of common formed/fatigued sheet-metal construction. The exclusive weatherproof side member design allows the attachment of insulator assemblies, end flanges, and the joining of shipping splits without drilling holes or penetrating enclosure sides with hardware. Our enclosure is made of non-corrosive, non-magnetic, high conductivity aluminum. The enclosure material serves to eliminate hysteresis loss, minimize induced losses resulting in lower operating costs and shielding external structure members from magnetic heating. Consult factory for additional information regarding the advantages of aluminum enclosures.

We also offer steel and galvannealed steel enclosures up to 2000 Amps and non-magnetic stainless steel for ratings above 2000 amps. Consult the factory for these options. Totally enclosed non-louvered construction prevents contaminants from entering the enclosure. Covers are easily removed for access to, and inspection of, bus system elements.

Flexible enclosure and bus support design minimizes the need for expansion joints. Straight runs less than 80 feet do not require special expansion fittings.


TECHNIBUS(tm) utilizes the latest technology in Automated Electro Static Powder Coat Finishing. Each TECHNIBUS(tm) enclosure part passes through a multi-stage high pressure wash system that cleans and then coats with a phosphate for excellent powder adhesion and superior resistance.    

ANSI-61 is standard custom colors optional.

Corrosion Spray Testing has been performed to ASTM Standard B117 by an independent laboratory. A 2.5 mil thickness of our standard paint withstood 840 hours of salt spray testing. By comparison, conventional wet paint of equal thickness only withstood 294 hours of salt spray testing.


Properly aligned EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) adhesive-backed gasketing shoulders against an extruded slot which prevents hardware from damaging the gasketing and violating the seal integrity. Enclosure hardware is positioned to prevent direct entry of liquids.

Screened breathers/drains are provided at all access covers, elbows and along enclosure bottoms to minimize the formation of condensation. Strip heaters are located in proximity to access covers to allow easy inspection. Heater wiring is contained in a factory installed and terminated flexible metallic conduit. Heaters are operated at half voltage for extended life.

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