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B&V Whelan Energy Center
 Sunday, January 26, 2020

Technibus Products In Use

B&V Whelan Energy Center (T-3728) Consisted of:

1)     4-Runs of 15kV 3200A Bus Duct
2)     3-Runs of 15 kV 4000A Bus Duct
3)     1-Run of 15kV 1200A Bus Duct
4)     1-Run 5kV 2000A Bus Duct
5)     1-Run 38kV 600A Bus Duct
6)     1-Run 600V DC 2000A Bus Duct 

Customer was ABB Power T&D: B&V Whelan Energy Center Project shipped in July of 2009.  A coal-fired power station owned and operated by Hastings Utilities in Nebraska.  Fully operational in 2011, system will monitor and control the unit’s boiler and its burner management system, flue gas desulfurization system and balance of plant processes.

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